Articles Relating to Baguazhang:

“Still a Chance For Chinese Wushu to Appear at Beijing Olympics”
By The Singdao Daily, November 14, 2004

"Guerilla Filming" from The Charlotte Herald
By Rebecca Sulock, May 4, 2004

2004 Chinese Phoenix Arts Mid-Autumn Festival
by Keoni Everington

Basic Explanation of Baguazhang
by Sifu Bryant Fong, March 2004
Night of the Rising Stars 2003 (photos only)
by Steve Colegrove, September 2003
Tai Chi Picnic 2003 (photos only)
by Steve Colegrove, August 2003
"Bagua Seminars 2001"
by Sifu Bryant Fong, March 2002
"Bagua's Kun Lun Fan Form"
by Sifu Bryant Fong, January 2002
"Tai Chi Picnic 2001"
by Steve Colegrove, August 2001

"Clothes Designer Becomes Baguazhang Beauty"
by Keoni Everington, July 2001

"Fu Zhen Song's Direct Disciple, Lin Chao Zhen, Teaching in San Francisco"
by Robert Chen, January 1995
"Master Liu Xiao Ling" - December 10, 1999
by Keoni Everington
"The People's Park" - December 10, 1999
by Keoni Everington
"Shanghai Weapons Factory" - November 30, 1999
by Keoni Everington
"Practicing Baguazhang in Beijing: The Ultimate Chi Ku"
by Keoni Everington
"Beginner's Luck" - one student's experiences in Beijing
by Phillip Majerus
"Gong Fu Guru" - an article on Master Sui Yunjiang
by Simon Andrew Pollack
"Jackson Street Fair" - January 30, 2000 performance
by Steve Colegrove
"Taiji Picnic 99" - a report on the October, 1999 event
by Keoni Everington


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