Level Requirements for the Internal Arts Belt
By Sifu Bryant Fong

Level One: Blue Belt
Optional (Pick one)
  1. Guan Bo Taiji
  2. Eight Brocades
  3. Yang 10
  4. Yang-style Taiji Qigong
  5. 16 Yang Taiji Sword (or 18 Yang Taiji Sword)
  6. Yang 24
  7. Chen 12
  8. Chen Chan-ssu Qigong (joint and spiraling)
  9. Yang Taiji Saber

Daanshizhang (Fu Bagua)

Daan Cho (Li Bagua)

Level Two: White Belt
Optional (Pick one)
  1. Sun Taiji
  2. Chen 24 (Feng)
  3. 32 Yang Taiji Sword
  4. Hun Yan Qigong (Chen Taiji)
  5. Chen Taiji Ruler
  6. 64 Linking Palms (Li Bagua)
  7. Xingyi 5 Elements
  8. Xingyi 5 Elements Linked
  9. Yin Bagua (Fu Bagua)

Xingyi 5 Elements / 8 Animals (Linwanpao)

Xingyi 5 Element Saber

Single-hand Fixed-step Tuishou (Pushing Hands)

Xingyi 5 Element sparring

Level Three: Green Belt

Optional (Pick TWO)
  1. Liang Yi Quan (Fu Bagua)
  2. Chen 48 (Feng)
  3. 52 Chen Taiji Broadsword
  4. Fang-song Gong (Relaxing Qigong - Feng)
  5. Four Gates Spear (Simendachang - Fu Bagua)




Eight Mother Palms (Laobazhang - Li Bagua)

Xing yi Mixed Form Fist

Bagua Two-man Sparring Set (Cheng)

Yang Bagua (Fu Bagua)

Kun Lun Fan (straight line)

Fixed Step Push Hands

Level Four: Yellow Belt

Optional (Pick one)
  1. Fu Taiji
  2. Chen 32 (Feng) or Chen 38
  3. Chen Taiji Straight Sword
  4. Tornado Broadsword (Fu Bagua)


Kun Lun Fan (in circle)

Dingshibazhang (Li Bagua)

Orthodox Bagua (Fu Bagua)

Flying Dragon Tiger Staff (Fu Bagua)

Level Five: Red Belt

Optional (Pick one)
  1. 42 International Compulsory Taiji
  2. Chen 42
  3. Linwanzhang (Li Bagua)



Swimming Dragon (Li Bagua)

Damo Cane

52 Chen Taiji (Compulsory Chen)

36 Chen (Chen Xiaowang)

Xing yi 12 Animals

Level Six: Black Belt

Optional (Pick THREE)
  1. Deerhorn Knives
  2. Bagua Big Broadsword (Li Bagua)
  3. Linwanzhang (Li Bagua)
  4. Chen Paochui (Feng)
  5. Flying Dragon Straight Sword (Fu Bagua)
  6. Compulsory Taiji Sword




Xing yi 12 Animal form

Bagua Dragon Palm (Fu Bagua)

Moving Step Push Hands

Chen Long Form #1 (Laojia)

Wudang Dragon Phoenix Straight Sword

Wind and Fire Wheels

Kun Lun Fan II (Li Bagua)

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