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Wushu videos featuring the original Beijing Wushu Team
The National Champions of China

See how the best Wushu atheletes in the world do their breath-taking exercises and routines. Marvel at their great speed and agility, and easily learn these techniques and sets yourself by reviewing the slow motion segments. The material is presented in both actual speed and slow motion which greatly enhances the program's instructional value.

These tapes are in NTSC format, suitable for NTSC players only.


Spear VHS -- $35



Nine-Section Whip -- $35



Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan -- $35

Yang Style Tai Chi Sword -- $35



Xing Yi Chuan -- $35


Sun-Style Tai Chi Chuan (VHS)

Jing Mo Athletic Association

Demonstrated by the late Sifu Lin Chao Zhen

Private Edition, 2002

Item #LCZS01..........$25


Simplified 24 Taijiquan with Gao Jai Min (VHS)

(From the back cover) The simplified 24-posture Taiqiquan is a new form that retains the best of the traditional styles and at the same time creates some new characteristics. Miss Gao Jiamin, champion of the First World Martial Arts Championships, reputed to be the Goddess of Taiqiquan, demonstrates the entire 24 movements. Her demonstration is graceful and accurate. The commentary is by Gao Jiaming's instructor, a senior coach, Mr. Zeng Nailiang. The teaching is divided into several stages, including the essence of Taiqiquan, its combat and self-defense theory and learning methods. Besides, the 42-posture Taiqiquan adopted to Chinese and international contests is also shown. This is the best teaching material for beginners and professional practitioners.

Item #GJM01..........$20




Afternoon of the Rising Stars 2004 DVD

Over 2 hours of performances from the following groups:

  • San Francisco Wushu Team
  • San Francisco Taiko Dojo
  • Chinese Folk Dance Association
  • List of all performers in the scene selection (click on a name and watch)

To purchase this DVD, you can see Sifu Fong at a practice, or you can email me (Steve) at, and arrange to pay via Paypal, check, or money order. Shipping will be $3, USPS First Class, domestic USA only. Priority Mail is $4.

Item # DVD002..........$5

This is a DVD-R.



10th Annual UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament Official DVD


  • Over 3 hours of competition footage from 2002
    • complete name and score titling
    • multiple playback modes
  • Complete scores and results
    • advanced menus and navigation
    • instant access to any video
  • Full Masters' Demo coverage
    • edited from four camera angles
    • multiple angles on select performances
  • Interview with Wu Bin
  • Behind the scenes featurette
    • see the planning and see the people
  • Credits including judges and volunteers
  • Over 4.5 hours of content
  • Digital video transferred direct to DVD
  • NTSC
  • Will play on any region DVD player

Item # DVD001..........$20



The Complete Sun Tai Chi Chuan

By Sifu Lin Chao Zhen

Sifu Lin Chao Zhen presents the complete Sun-style Tai Chi Chuan forms.

Presented by the Jing Mo Athletic Association.

Item # VCDSUN01..........$15



-- NOTE -- All of the following VCDs are in Chinese ONLY , with no English audio or subtitles available. Generally Mandarin.


Liang-style Baguazhang by Zhang Jinliang

Lectured by Zhang Jinliang, the third generation disciple of Liang Style Baguazhang, Chinese Wushu 7th Dan.

The Whole Body Training Exercises

By Zhang Jinliang

In combat, the eight vital parts of the human body are the head (neck), shoulders, elbows, hands (wrists), buttocks (waist), hips, knees and ankles. These are popularly known as the Eight Doors.

These exercises are designed to train the eight parts simply and systematically so as to eliminate the stasis or diseases of the bones, muscles, blood vessels or nerves at the parts. At the same time, constant training of these parts will lead to their agility, flexibility, and endurance to improve your self-defence skill.

Item # VCD105..........$12

Single Turning Palm

By Zhang Jinliang

This routine is also called the Eight Fixed Palms or the Eight Basic Palms. It is designed for beginners, but also is compulsory for learning advanced routines. The eight palms include dropping palm, front push palm, support palm, overhead block palm, holding spear palm, point-skyward and draw on the ground palm, yin-yang fish palm, and turning millstone palm.

Item # VCD106..........$12


By Zhang Jinliang

Eight Diagrams palm takes the swing step as its main footwork, integrated with other steps in actual combat. This footwork, together with stake exercises and circling exercises, supplement and complement each other. They are footwork, leg techniques, foot techniques, and attack and defence techniques all in one. The steps of Eight Diagrams Palm are linked to each other and full of change. They can be practiced in single links, in straight links, or in circles, each of which can also be further divided into fixed, slow, low framed or paired exercise.

Item # VCD107..........$12

64 Straight Palms

By Zhang Jinliang

This routine remains in the old primitive simplicity of the Eight Diagrams Palm. It is brief, simple, elegant, and effective in combat. The movements are performed as if plums blossom on its leafless trunks in appearance with the power of the whirlwind blowing the leaves off the trees.

Item # VCD108..........$12

8 Single Forms and 8 Paired Forms

By Zhang Jinliang

These two routines are designed to develop combat techniques. In the past, masters of various styles of the Eight Diagrams Palm often take the most powerful and effective movements from each other in order to improve their own techniques. But the movements of the two routines passed on by different masters are a little different due to their different understanding and combat experience.

The 8 Single Forms of Liang-style Eight Diagrams Palm Boxing passed on by Li Ziming is of two kinds. One is introduced here. The forms are forward snap strike, forward grab, forward bump, whirlwind chop palm, turn and support palm, deflect and snap strike, deflect and thrust to the ribs and push to face with yin-yang palm.

The 8 paired forms are hip-pull-in palm, double cross palm, double parry palm, twine palm, deflect-opposite palm, double tear palm, grab wrist palm, and tri-pierce palm.

Item # VCD109..........$12

The 8 Old Palms

By Zhang Jinliang

The 8 Old Palms are also called 8 Mother Palms, 8 Big Palms, or Change Palms. These are the oldest, the most basic, the most important, and the most practical palm techniques from which many other palm techniques originated. Practicing these 8 Old Palms will help you to master a lot of techniques such as push, support, drag, lead, carry, chop, dodge, intercept, pierce, block, parry, deflect, twist, tumble, slide away, twine, shake, bump, stamp, stick, and follow.

Item # VCD110..........$12

Hand Rolling Broadsword

By Zhang Jinliang

This is one of the traditional weapon routines. Hand Rolling Broadsword litterlay means that rolling the hands, stressing the power of the wrist, is its unique style. It requires that the player's body and the broadsword should move as one when he walks, turns, tumbles, or revolves, with the body following the weapon. All the movements are in linked changes.

Item # VCD111..........$12

Liang-style Eight Diagrams Three-Conformities Sword

By Zhang Jinliang

This sword play belongs to internal boxing series. Taking internal boxing as its origin, it integrates Zen and weapons play into one. Based on Eight Diagrams Palm Boxing, it absorbs the effective movements of Taiji and Imitation Boxing and their weapons. This routine can be characterized as slowly comfortable in performance, internal and external moving in conformities, unanimous in spirit and in appearance, with mind controlling the Qi, the Qi leading the movements, hardness and softness moving in harmony.

Item # VCD112..........$12

The Basic Techniques

By Zhang Jinliang

This program vividly describes the similarities and differences between Liang-style Eight Diagrams Palm from other styles, introducing the hand techniques, footwork, postures, and the move-in-circle method of Liang-style Eight Diagrams Palm. It is helpful in health care and self-defense, and enjoyable as an art.

Contents include the main style and features of Liang-style Eight Diagrams Palm, the understanding and requirements in the move-in-circle exercises, 6 mind drills and 2 compulsory measures.

Item # VCD113..........$12

Appreciation of Liang-style Eight Diagrams Palm Boxing and its Weapon Routines

By Zhang Jinliang

This program collects the palm techniques, footwork, body postures, stake exercises, sanshou (free sparring) and weapons play. It fully displays the features of internal boxing such as internal and external training, effectiveness in healthcare and self-defense, agreement in spirit and appearance, feints the west and attacks the east, avoid the strong and hit the weak, hardness and softness moving in harmony. The fighting tactic is to handle the change with change, to strike the clumsiness with agility and stop the quickness with swiftness.

Item # VCD114..........$12

Sun-style Baguazhang by Sun Jianyun

Female disciple of Sun-style Taiji Quan. She is the daughter of Sun Lutang (1861-1932) who initiated this style. Sun Jianyun is now vice president of Beijing Wushu Association, President of Beijing Sun-style Taiji Quan Research Institute, the honorary president of Xingyi Quan Research Institute. She began to learn boxing and reading in her childhood from her father and mastered the essentials of Xingyi Quan, Baguazhang, Taiji Quan, and the use of their weapons. In 1931, she began to learn boxing from Li Jinlin, a famous boxer and later became a coach at Jiangsu National Wushu Academy. After the foundation of the People's Republic of China in 1949, she became a head judge of wushu at the First National Games. She recompiled some books such as "Sun-style Taiji Quan", "The Simplified Routines of Sun-style Taiji Quan", and wrote "Xingyi Sword" and "The Eight Forms of Xingyi Quan". After many years of devoted teaching she trained a lot of students both at home and abroad. She won the Wushu Contribution Prize at China International Festival in 1988.

Sun-style Taiji Quan

By Sun Jianyun

This is a selection of the essential performances of Sun-style Taiji Quan, its sword and some other weapons, combining the core techiques of Xingyi, Bagua, and Taiji Quan. Explained and demonstrated by Sun Jianyun. (61 minutes)

Item # VCD115..........$12

Appreciation of Sun-style Taiji Quan

By Sun Jianyun

The most basic feature of Sun-style Taiji Quan is the combination of the essential techniques of Xingyi, Bagua, and Taiji Quan. A forward step is closely followed by the hind foot and vice versa. Each movement is relaxed and flexible, quick and natural. The whole routine of this boxing is played without break, like cloud flying and water flowing. A move leads other parts of your body to move and a halt leads them to stillness, so it's called Kaihe (open and close) Taiji Quan. (59 minutes)

Item # VCD116..........$12

Sun-style Taiji Sword

By Sun Jianyun

The play of Sun-style Taiji single sword is divided into two parts. The first part consists of 38 movements, and the second one begins from movement 39 to the end. The two parts can be combined for single practice with the aim to attack and defend. (61 minutes)

Item # VCD117..........$12

Cheng-style Baguazhang with Liu Jingru

Liu Jingru is Deputy Director of the Baguazhang Supervision Committee, and member of the Beijing Martial Arts Association.

Appreciation of Ba Gua (Eight-diagrams) Palm Boxing and its Weapons

By Liu Jingru

The program contains the performance of major boxing routines and weapons of Ba Gua (Eight-diagrams) Palm Series, letting people enjoy the essence of Ba Gua (Eight-diagrams) Palm School. (51 minutes)

Item # VCD101..........$12

Counter Combat Exercise of Ba Gua (Eight-diagrams) Palm

By Liu Jingru

The program mainly introduces counter exercise method of 24 movements, through which the exerciser can grasp the features of Ba Gua (Eight-diagrams) Palm better. (56 minutes)

Item # VCD102..........$12

Ba Gua (Eight-diagrams) Flexible Chained Palm

By Liu Jingru

This program introduces 35 movements of Ba Gua (Eight-diagrams) Flexible Chained Palm in four sections. They are a combination of the basic eight palms and eight large palms. The movements are smooth and elegant with hardness and softness in harmony. They are often performed at exhibition matches. (61 minutes)

Item # VCD103..........$12

(actual cover may vary)

Ba Gua (Eight-diagrams) Sword

By Liu Jingru

This program introduces 35 movements of Ba Gua (Eight-diagrams) Sword in four sections. It also introduces the features, exercise methods, and the use of the sword. Ba Gua (Eight-diagrams) Sword is one of the major weapons of Ba Gua (Eight-diagrams) Palm School, which has the effect to strengthen body. (61 minutes)

Item # VCD104..........$12

Eight Large Palms

By Liu Jingru

The program mainly introduces exercise methods and usage of eight large palms to be applied skillfully in the foundation of fundamental eight palms (regulated style eight palms). Eight Large Palms is the combination of foot method and palm method, and the core routines and techniques of Eight-diagrams Palm. (71 minutes)

Item # VCD118..........$12

(actual cover may vary)

Ba Gua (Eight Diagrams) Double Axe (Deer Horn Knives)

By Liu Jingru

The program introduces the work as 40 forms, which contains the feature of Double Axe (Deer Horn Knives), the special weapon of Ba Gua Zhang (Eight Diagrams Palm) school, its exercise method and usage. The double axe is a kind of short weapon, which has many changes when you perform it. It has the value to strengthen body and self-defense. (63 minutes)

Item # VCD119..........$12


International Wushu Competition Routines

With the development of international wushu sports, wushu, or Chinese martial arts, is getting to be know and approved by more and more people. Due to the success of our bid for the Olympic Games 2008, wushu routines are likely to be selected as competition events. Therefore entrusted by the International Wushu Federation, the Chinese Wushu Association organized some of its wushu masters and professionals to compile these new competition routines


International Wushu Competition Routines -- The Broadsword

New competition broadsword routine compiled by the Chinese Wushu Association.

Item # VCD120..........$12


International Wushu Competition Routines -- The Spear

New competition spear routine compiled by the Chinese Wushu Association.

Item # VCD121..........$12


International Wushu Competition Routines -- The Staff

New competition staff routine compiled by the Chinese Wushu Association.

Item # VCD122..........$12


International Wushu Competition Routines -- The Straight Sword

New competition straight sword routine compiled by the Chinese Wushu Association.

Item # VCD123..........$12


International Wushu Competition Routines -- Chang Quan (Long Fist)

New competition Chang Quan (Long Fist) routine compiled by the Chinese Wushu Association.

Item # VCD124..........$12


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