The Dragon Must Sleep (Baguazhang movie)

Winthrop Chinese Martial Arts Association


Gao Yi Sheng's Adventure (historical information)


Interview with Master Liu Jingru (Cheng and Yin Fu style)


A Brief Discussion of Cheng Style Baguazhang (by Liu Jingru)


Jarek's Chinese Martial Arts Page (many articles)

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Deer Horn Knife Photos


Deer Horn Knives (history and valuable details)


Kung Fu Online's Baguazhang Directory


Baguazhang Articles and History


Baguazhang Books and Videos
The Official Jet Li Website  
Raffi's Wushu Page  
Han Jing Wushu Bagua video (Beijing Wushu Team)
Another Young Lady, Wushu Bagua video
Tiger Claw Online  
Yes Asia (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean VCD and DVD products)
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