Bagua Zhang and Meihua Zhuang Seminars with Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang in New York and Connecticut

Dabao Inc and Mantis Kungfu Academy LLC proudly present weekend workshops on basics, combat applications and weapons of Li Zimin's Traditional Bagua Zhang and Han Qichang's Traditional Meihua Zhuang with Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang.


Bagua Zhang and Bagua Weapons workshops on September 15-16, 22-23 2007 in New York, NY

Meihua Zhuang and Bagua Weapons workshops on October 13-14, 20-21 2007 in New York, NY

Bagua Zhang and Bagua Weapons workshops on October 5-7, 2007, in New Haven, CT

Opening of the seminar and a bonus FREE Bagua Zhang class Friday, September 14th at 7:30 pm

Bagua Zhang Workshop Tuition

1. New York, NY Weekend Seminars
1-2 Sessions, 6 hours each: $150 ($75 each)
3-4 Sessions, 6 hours each: $280 ($70 each)
5-6 Sessions, 6 hours each: $390 ($65 each)
7-8 Sessions, 6 hours each: $480 ($60 each)

At the door $100 per session

2. New Haven, CT Seminars
1-3 Sessions, 6 hours each: $55 each

At the door $100 per session

*Location and other information provided with registration*

Contact Vitaly Panov to register, to schedule a private lesson with Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang, or for further questions:
646 734 8541 /

New York sessions registration deadline September 5

New Heaven sessions registration deadline September 15

About Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang

Name: Sui Yunjiang
Birthday: November 1945
Place of Birth: Beijing

Member of Beijing Bagua Zhang Association, the 4th generation descendent of Bagua Zhang.

Member of Beijing Meihua Zhuang Association, the 18th generation descendent of Meihua Zhuang.

From early childhood, Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang began studying Chinese traditional Martial Arts from world famous Chinese Martial Art Grandmasters Li Zimin and Han Qichang. Eventually, Grandmaster Sui mastered the skills and the essence of Bagua Zhang and Meihua Zhuang.

Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang's teacher, famous Bagua Zhang third generation Grandmaster Li Zimin once known to declare, Sui Yunjiang is one of the most outstanding students of mine, and is truly the fourth generation descendant of our tradition."

During the years, Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang have trained numerous martial art students as well as teachers. They are sport professionals and exponents of martial arts from all over the world, U.S.A., Britain, France, Japan, Russia, Korea, Greece, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang's students had successful martial arts careers after returning to their countries. Some have established Wushu clubs and schools; some have taken important positions in Wushu committees; some won 11 golden medals in Sanda championship and some earned PHD of Wushu in Beijing Sport University.

During 1991 - 1994, Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang was invited to teach in Russia by the Institute of Sports Committee of Former Soviet Union in Moscow. Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang took part in various martial art conferences during his stay in Russia, and was invited to introduce the traditional Chinese martial arts on the Russian National TV.

After Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang's return to China, he was invited to be the honored vise-chairman of the Third Martial Arts International Championship hosted in Dalian City. Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang joined the championship himself and won gold medal. His students won silver and bronze medals.

In 1997 Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang was invited to be the consultant of Japanese Bagua Zhang Committee headed by the Japanese Sino-Wushu Union Chairman. Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang was video taped by the Japanese Baguazhang committee in Beijing and this video was published in Japan. The Japanese Wushu Magazine and the King of Wushu Magazine and Swedish Wushu magazine wrote articles about Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang.

In 1996 Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang was recorded into Chinese Modern Martial Art Masters Dictionary. In 1998 he was also recorded into Worlds Famous People Dictionary.

Bagua Zhang sessions' content

1. Bagua Zhang Sessions include traditional Bagua warm up exercises, beginner level Eight Static Palms "Din Shi Ba Zhang" with combat applications:

1. Pressing Down Palm "Xia chen zhang"
2. Supporting Heaven Palm "Tuo tian zhang"
3. Embracing the Moon Palm "Bao yue zhang"
4. Holding Spear Palm "Tuo qian zhang"
5. Lion Palm "Shi zi zhang"
6. Point to Heaven and Transform Earth Palm "Zhi tian hua di"
7. Yinyang Palm "Yin Yang zhang"
8. Pushing Palm "Tui mo zhang"

2. Bagua Zhang Weapon forms with combat applications.

Meihua Zhuang sessions' content

Meihua Zhuang (Plum Blossom Poles) is an ancient martial art spread primarily in the rural areas of Hebei, Henan and Shandong provinces of Northern China. It is characterized by five static postures as the basis as well as movements comprised of rapid foot steps and quick movements. The basic training methods look simple and relaxed, however the internals are very subtle and hard, it helps build up the right movement and the breath required in the real fighting.

In today, Meihua Zhuang has become a holistic and effective way for self defense and health improvement. It was originated as a highly effective real battlefield art common in the north China from as early as Ming dynasty. It also integrates physical training for the internals of human body, relaxing and strengthening the mind and body, gaining speed and attaining advanced martial and cognitive-perceptual skills.

The style of Meihuazhuang is rare and very few masters of meihuazhuang teach publicly in the major urban centres of China. The member of Beijing Meihuazhuang Committee, Grandmaster Sui Yunjiang, the disciple of the famous Beijing Meihuazhuang Grandmaster Han Qichang, has been teaching Meihua Zhuang publicly in Beijing since the early 1980s.

1. Meihua Zhuang Sessions include traditional Meihua Zhuang warm up exercises, beginner level five postures with applications:

1. Major Posture "Da Shi"
2. Moving Along Posture "Shun Shi"
3. Opposite Posture "Ao Shi"
4. Minor Posture "Xiao Shi"
5. Spoiling Posture "Bai Shi"

If schedule permits, some fighting drills "Xiao Shou Tao" will be included.

2. Meihua Zhuang Weapon forms with combat applications.

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