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December 9, 2007 -- Three Youtube vides added. Check them out here.

October 15 , 2007 -- The new catalog is online, with new cart and checkout support!

January 25, 2007 -- Our new "blog" is online. News from both Keoni and Sifu Fong.

February 21 , 2007 -- Sifu Fong's email was erased again. Please re-send orders or call him if you have an open order. If you have questions or haven't heard about your order, please call to confirm at 1-415-876-0922.

January 7, 2007 -- Videos section updated with some very nice Youtube clips of Li Ziming. Recommended!

December 2 , 2006 -- 2005 Beijing Team DVDs will be available for sale soon. The cost will be $25.

Sept. 18 , 2006 -- Treasure Island Dragon Boat festival is coming up. See Events section below.

August 16, 2006 -- Sifu Fong's phone number has changed to 1-415-876-0922.

June 29, 2006 -- The Beijing trip Keoni and his students took recently has been featured in The Herald Online. Click HERE to read the article.

April 21, 2006 -- NOTICE -- If you have not received an order confirmation or email reply from Sifu Fong in the last few weeks, please re-send your order and email. Sifu has had email problems.

March 1, 2006 -- Sifu Fong's new schedule for Spring 2006 is posted.

January 11, 2005 -- Chinese New Year coming up soon! Check out the Flower Festival (aka Jackson Street Fair). Also, we have a new VCD on Sun Tai Chi Chuan, from Sifu Lin Chao Zhen.

October 10 , 2005 -- Fall schedule is up.

August 20 , 2005 -- A new "bat" symbol sword and wind and fire wheels are for sale. Click here for the Weapons Catalog.

June 2, 2005 -- The Order Form is back up and working!

April 29 , 2005 -- Several new events are coming up. Check the Events section at the bottom of the page.

December 15, 2004 -- News article on wushu and the 2008 Olympics located HERE.

November 19, 2004 -- Afternoon of the Rising Stars DVD is available. Click HERE.

October 13, 2004 -- Article on Charlotte performance located HERE.

October 12, 2004 -- Belt requirements for internal arts are located in the menu below and also HERE.

October 10, 2004 -- Test for new SF Wushu site located at Also, Sunday Bagua class has moved to Saturdays, 12-1pm. Location is Japantown YMCA.

August 22 , 2004 -- Sifu Fong has had email problems recently. If you have ordered an item and have received no response, please re-order using, or call (415) 753-3838. We apologize for these problems.

July 25, 2004 -- Sifu Fong will not be teaching classes on August 7-8 and August 14-15.

June 5, 2004 -- Sifu Fong has had email problems since April. If you have ordered an item or tried to email Sifu Fong in April or May, and have received no response, please re-order using We apologize for these problems.

March 11, 2004 -- New article by Sifu Fong posted in Articles section. The article explains in detail the fundamentals of Baguazhang, and unique characteristics.

Feb. 9, 2004 -- New schedule posted for 2004.

Jan. 22, 2004 -- Two new swords have been added to the Weapons page.

Nov. 16, 2003 -- Guan Bo Tai Chi video has been added to Video Clips.

Nov. 8, 2003 -- Website has been streamlined and all Flash removed. Enjoy.

Sept. 7, 2003 -- Night of the Rising Stars photos are located HERE.

August 20, 2003 -- Sifu Fong's schedule has been updated. Tai Chi Picnic photos located HERE.

August 10, 2003 -- Night of the Rising Stars is Sunday, Sept. 7, 3-6pm.

August 10, 2003 -- Night of the Rising Stars date has changed to Sunday, Sept. 7, 3-6pm. Please make a note of it!

June 27, 2003 -- Sifu Fong's schedule updated.

June 1, 2003 -- Events list updated below. Watch the WB show "Black Sash" on Sundays. It's got bagua.

April 15, 2003 -- China trip has been canceled. Don't miss the Berkeley Tournament April 19th!

March 30, 2003 -- Events list updated. Seminar on Wushu Judging is April 5. Survey added.

Jan. 4, 2003 -- New VCD section is open ... we have 24 VCDs available for sale. Take a look here. The new Spring Schedule is also online.


Nov. 17, 2002 -- The 2002 Cal Wushu Tournament DVD is available! It's packed full of competitions, master's performances, scores, and behind-the-scenes action. You can order the DVD in the new DVD section.

Oct. 20, 2002 -- Upcoming events updated (see list of new events below).

Oct. 13, 2002 -- Deer Horn Knives are once again available in the Weapons section.

Sept. 8, 2002 -- Sifu Fong has had computer problems since the beginning of August. Please call (415) 753-3838 to place an order, or FAX (408) 738-8358. We apologize for these problems, and are working to remedy the situation. Also, we have 4 new deerhorn knives available for order.

July 26, 2002 -- Two fans available for purchase on the Weapons page. One is steel, the other is a new taichi fan. New book on Hunyuan Qigong available in books section.

July 12, 2002 -- If you placed an order by email with Sifu Fong from July 1-12, please place the order again.

July 12, 2002 -- If you placed an order by email with Sifu Fong from July 1-12, please place the order again. Earthlink screwed up again.

June 14, 2002 -- Summer schedule is posted. Click below to view. Yahoo group also started (a mailing list and discussion board).

Results of the Berkeley tournament are online. Go to and click on 'Tournament'.

May 25, 2002 -- Information on Tai Chi Picnic and other events added below. Don't miss Tai Chi Picnic, if you're in the area.

April 26, 2002 -- Article on Bagua Seminars 2001 added.

April 15, 2002 -- New web order form has been added! This will help make the ordering process easier.

April 13, 2002 -- If you ordered from the website between April 1 and April 12, please resubmit your order. Sifu Fong has had email problems.

April 1, 2002 -- Added information on Berkeley tournament and Chen taiji seminars.

March 11, 2002 -- Added information on six upcoming events (below).

January 30, 2002 -- Added article by Sifu Fong on Baguazhang Fan. Click here to read.

January 11, 2002 -- Updated product listing, added Berkeley tournament info.

December 22, 2001 -- Updated Sifu Fong's schedule.

November 24, 2001 -- Master Zhao will be in San Francisco teaching seminars next week! These are great seminars, see the flyer below for more information, or call Sifu Fong at (415) 753-3838.

September 11, 2001 -- New events added below for October 2001 and 2002 -- seminars for Master Chen Xiang and Master Zhao Da Yuan.

August 20, 2001 -- Night of the Rising Stars is coming up on Saturday (Aug. 25). Come out and support Chinese culture, if you're in the Bay Area. See Events section below for details.

August 12, 2001 -- Tai Chi Picnic is coming up on Saturday! Don't miss it if you're in the area.

July 30, 2001 -- Half a dozen new links added to Links page. Interview and exerpts from Master Liu's book are very interesting, recommended reading. Weapons page also updated with new weapons bags.

July 25, 2001 -- New article on a Taiwanese Bagua sifu, Rao Huai Ying. The article is very short, but there are seven photos. Click here.
-- The first Chinese national Bagua tournament will take place this October, in Beijing. More details to follow.

July 22, 2001 -- Weapons catalog updated. Several new weapons available. Click here to visit.

July 15, 2001 -- Sifu Fong's schedule is updated, for the summer. Click here.

March 13, 2001

Berkeley tournament coming up April 21. Check out more detailed information in the Events section.

January 23, 2001

Jackson street fair performance was fine. Photos may be up soon.

January 18, 2001

Photo galleries are 100% Flash now. Take a look at them here.

January 6, 2001

Happy New Year and check out the 16 new photos of Sifu Fong in the Gallery.

December 9, 2000

The new Zhou Renfa / Michelle Yeoh movie, "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", has Mandarin Duck Axes (Deer Horn Knives) in it! Check out the link HERE.

September 20, 2000

A new article about Fu Zhen Song and Lin Chao Zhen is in the Articles section. Take a look, it's a very good one! Long and very informative.

September 16, 2000

Sifu Fong's schedule has been updated.

September 2, 2000

Added a Baguazhang mailling list. Please go to the bottom of the main page and sign up if you're interested. The mailing list will notify you of updates to the site, and Bay Area events.

August 26, 2000

Frames added to the main page, and Flash intro links removed.

June 12, 2000

New stuff coming up in August in the Events section. Biography information on Master Sui added to his section.

May 11, 2000

We've got some great new products on sale in the new Catalog section. T-shirts, mugs, and mousepads are availabe. The Eight Trigrams design is the first, more will follow.

March 24, 2000

All of the Eight Trigram navigation bars now have Flash navigation menus. It is to the right of the title. Just mouse over it and you'll get the nav bar. Ain't it cool?

March 21, 2000

Two photos added to the gallery. These are photos taken at Lake Tahoe, of Sifu Fong and the wushu team performers.

March 18, 2000

Added a cool new Flash menu (only on the Flash site, of course) to the main page, Flash intro graphic improved.

February 26, 2000

Video Clips page added! Ten RealPlayer clips, check it out, very cool Bagua techniques. (The navigation link to the video page is on the main page and also in the gallery, for future reference.)

February 11, 2000

Three Iron Fan photos added to the gallery. Article and photos on Jackson Street Fair added to Articles section. News archive added.

February 4, 2000

Two swords added to Products section!

January 26, 2000

Five photos added to the article, "Beginner's Luck".

January 20, 2000

Three photos added to the article, "Beginner's Luck".

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